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With the IKAN BOWLER® and POWER SOCCER GUARD all POWER WHEELCHAIR USERS can go WHEELCHAIR BOWLING and play POWER SOCCER. Including people with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, Quadriplegia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis and other power wheelchair users...


Power soccer is the most exciting new development for power wheelchair users. The extremely competitive sport of Power Soccer has been ongoing for over 14 years, but is just now exploding onto the public scene. The United States, Canada, Japan, Denmark and other countries are currently fielding teams and tournaments.

Power Soccer is a team sport played by individuals with various disabilities. It is unisex by design and male & female participants are often on the same team as well as opposing sides. The game is usually played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball size court, although occasionally there is outdoor parking lot competition. Two teams of 4 Power Wheelchair Users attack, defend and maneuver an oversize soccer ball attempting to score points on goal, similar to the non stop action of an indoor soccer game.

In the time honored tradition of Quad Rugby, Power Soccer is a true dynamic development for power wheelchair users. This action packed team sport, combines the skill of the wheelchair user, with the speed and power of the wheelchair, to participate in an extremely challenging game very similar to soccer. Power Soccer is the first competitive team sport designed and developed specifically for power wheelchair users. These participants include persons with Quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Head Trauma, Stroke, etc.

The will to win, the competitive challenge, teamwork and the total competitive spirit of an athlete is in no way limited or diminished because of confinement to a wheelchair. As in all sports -- win, lose or draw -- the thrill and joy is in playing the game.

Wheelchair Soccer Equipment
Power Wheelchair Soccer
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Power soccer is a sport played by individuals who use motorized wheelchairs; it is an adapted form of soccer. It is a four on four sport played on a regulation basketball court, with a 22" soccer or physio ball. The object of the game is to SCORE, SCORE, SCORE!!!!!!

PLAYING AREA: Standard basketball court, or no less than 50 feet long and 30 feet wide.

GOAL ZONE: Goal posts (cones) are placed 25 feet apart on the end lines and tape is placed 12 feet out to form a Box.

DURATION of the GAME: The game is two equal periods of 25 minutes each, 23 minutes straight time and the last 2 minutes are stop clock. Each team is allowed 2, two minutes time outs per half. When a teams equipment breaks down during play, the referee shall allow the play to continue, as long as safety is not compromised. When there is a break in the play the referee shall call a time out to have the equipment repaired (no more than two minutes). (The IKAN Power Soccer Guard is regarded as the most durable Guard available, and our mounting systems also reinforce the wheelchair's legrests, which have been known to break with other guards)

START of PLAY: The referee will inspect each chair to be sure there are no sharp areas or loose or dangling items on the wheelchairs. A coin toss at the beginning of the game decides possession and team sides. When the referee blows the whistle, players on the team having possession of the ball may enter the center circle and hit the ball to start play.

BALL MOVEMENT: The ball has to be moved by the wheelchairs: it CAN NOT be moved by the contact of a players body unless it is by accident. Intentionally maneuvering the ball with any part of the players body is a violation.

GOAL: Only 2 players from each team and the goal keeper are allowed in the goal zone at any given time. A goal is made when the ball passes over the goal line in between the goal posts. After a goal has been scored, the game shall restart by a kick off from the team conceding the goal.

FOULS & PENALTIES: Fouls are an infraction of the rules that has been committed by a player of the coach. When a violation is committed, a free kick is awarded to the opponent.

HOLDING: involves physically restraining the movement of an opponent's wheelchair.
CLIPPING: contacting an opponent's wheelchair on the side.
REDIRECTING: changing the direction of the opponent's wheelchair by pushing directly against it.
BACKING UP: going backwards -- only the goalie is allowed to go in reverse.
HAND BALL: intentionally moving the ball with hands or feet.
ILLEGAL SUBSTITUTION: player entering the court with out the referee's permission.
GOAL ZONE VIOLATION: a team has more than the allotted number of players in the goal zone.

CHARGING: a player ramming his chair into that of another player who has position.
GOAL TENDING: any player with one wheel over the goal line.
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: deliberate disrespect to the spirit of the game.

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